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Australian Electric Vehicle Association - Adelaide Branch


This page will give you the legal requirements and other information required to be able to convert your vehicle to electric drive.

Note: Some of these document are particular for South Australia.

Many of these documents are PDF and require or similar.
Remember to take the tick off the Optional offers, if you don't wont them.

Documents from the Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure at Regency Park
(Kateena St. Regency Park. Phone 1300 882 248 [Bookings 1300 882 247]).

Note: The evric website has a page dedicated to the process of getting a car certified ready for the final inspection.

For the minutes of previous meetings, please go to the Meetings page.

Documents from Guest Speakers

Useful Documents From Members                                                                                  

Interesting Documents From The Internet

AEVA (SA) Documents

National AEVA Documents




More to come ...


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