Preparations for the opening the (new) Grote St Cark Park (U-Park)
Electric Car Charge Stations, March 26, 2010
(Adelaide, South Australia)

The official opening was performed on March 31, 2010
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Mr. Bruce White originally suggested that these charge points be installed and was officially the first person to make use of them.

Adelaide City Council representatives Anna and Elspeth are shown here with
Bruce White, the owner of the Suzuki Mightyboy electric car.


The two parks are located on the 1st level (level 2 in the lifts!).
There is one 15 amp outlet for each position.

One of the 15A outlets.

The power from these outlets is supplied by an enormous PV solar array on the roof of the Adelaide Central Bus Station. You can check the current PV output here.

Non trip cable trays with the lift up orange lids.

Messenger Press getting a close-up of Bruce.

The star of the show - Bruce White

Or is this the star of the show?... with the bonnet up.


The Suzuki Mightyboy EV (