We have an amazing opportunity to hear from Wiebe Wakker, the man who left the Netherlands, back in 2016, on a mission to drive his converted electric car (the Blue Bandit) to Sydney, Australia.
Wiebe has been in Australia, traveling around our beautiful country, for about 7 months, and he is now in Adelaide.

Wiebe has offered to show a presentation and talk to us about his EV-escapades around the world.

We are also honoured to have David Brandenberger
 (Dave the Beaver) speaking to us about his journey on his Solartrike II from Europe to Australia

This was held at the Vogue Theatre (Northern Function Room) - 25 Belair Rd, Kingswood SA 5062.
The Function Room hire cost was waved for this meeting - Thank you to the Vogue Theatre Management.

Monday Night - February 4th, 2019

Wiebe's EV (the Blue Bandit) was on display in the northern carpark of the Vogue Theatre from around 7pm.

A meal with Wiebe...
We enjoyed a meal with Wiebe prior to the meeting at Caffe Buongiorno (212 Belair Rd, Mitcham) from 5:30pm.
Wiebe's meal was supplied free by Caffe Buongiorno Management (Thank you Neville and staff).

After the meeting, tea and coffee and water were available.
Members brought a plate of food to share. - Thank you.
There was a great array of food - some supplied by the Vogue Function Room Catering Team - Thank you Heather.

Even though Wiebe had not asked us for any money for his presentation, we asked for a  gold coin donation from all those present, so that Wiebe could by a new pair of shoes!
Due the the generosity of those 40 people present, Wiebe and David ended up sharing just over $400.

The video of both presentations will be available on the Members Only page.

Eric's Introduction to Wiebe...

Wiebe Wakker

Wiebe left the Netherlands in March 2016 in an electric car, the "Blue Bandit",
with Sydney as his destination on the other side of the world.
I understand you borrowed the car from a friend!

Wiebe has so far crossed 33 countries in around 1055 days covering nearly 90,000 Km.

Wiebe travels with very little money and relies on the generosity of people along the way, supplying food, accommodation and charging of the EV, which actually determines the route of his journey.
Tonight we joined Weibe for a meal at Caffe Buongiorno and I would like to thank the owner of the restaurant for supplying Weibe's meal at no cost. Also I would like to thank the Vogue Theatre management for supplying us with the use of this Function Room at no cost.
Wiebe doesn't normally ask for donations of money, but tonight we are asking everyone for a small gold coin donation, which we will be giving to Wiebe so that he can get a new pair of shoes.

Links to Weibe's website and social media:


Eric's Introduction to David ...

David Brandenberger

David otherwise known as (Dave the Beaver) is speaking to us about his journey on his Solartrike II from Switzerland to Australia.

Unfortunately David hasn't been able to bring his Solartrike II to this meeting due to a couple of technical problems.