"Science Alive! 2013"

The AEVA Adelaide Branch had an Electric Vehicle Display in the Duncan Gallery at the 2013 Science Alive!

August 9th, 10th, 11th
Adelaide Showgrounds, Wayville SA


Each year this event gets bigger and bigger.

Friday the 9th was Careers Day for South Australian High School students with around 2,500 students attending.

On Saturday and Sunday the event was open to the general public with probably around 20,000 visitors over the two days.

Before the crowds arrived our new 4m high "It's Electric!" Bali Banner was ready to entice people to our display.
This was our main information desk and shows two of our display cars:
 Bob's Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Eric's Holden Barina EV conversion.

At the the other end of our display, Damir's Ford Capri conversion stood ready for three days of inspections (early in morning before the bonnet was opened).
On the right is the Club Assist Emergency EV Recharging trailor built by
Gelco Services here in South Australia exporting to the world.
Thanks to Bob Gell for supplying this for our display.

Here comes the crowd...

Damir's Ford Capri conversion, Paul's Subaru Sherpa conversion, Eric's Holden Barina conversion and Bob's Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Lots of questions and comments...

People start discovering where we are...

The children loved our electric car component demo boards. On the left Mic's board consisted of a battery 12/24V a motor controller and a gopher type motor under the control of a knob which nearly got worn out... Blake's demo on the right had a 12V battery, motor controller and a fan to show the speed change under control of a speed control knob.

Paul talks with a visitor about his Subaru Sherpa EV conversion.
Damir's Ford Capri EV conversion in the foreground.

Lots of questions and comments...

Bob's Mitsubishi i-MiEV, his Mobile EV recharging trailer and his folding electric bicycle.

Paul's Subaru Sherpa is a great example of very economical transport with a range of approx. 110km.

Damir's Ford Capri - what a great conversion - neatest in show.

Eric's Holden Barina (Suzuki) EV conversion and electric bicycles in the background.