"Amped Up" Christmas Break-up Picnic and
 EV Display

The AEVA (SA) Branch had an Electric Vehicle display and picnic in Pioneer Park, Gawler, SA.
Saturday, December 3, 2016

There were 9 electric vehicles on display .


     A very pleasant day for a Christmas Break-up and EV display in Pioneer Park at Gawler
We had 9 electric vehicles on display.

A couple of EVs hidden in the photo above, making use of the charging facilities, ready for the 50+ km trip home ...

David Cann's electric bicycle was very popular for test rides.

David Cann's Nissan Leaf looks very sparkly... Up close this car shows the result of a very powerful hail storm and is soon to go through an intense repair session.

Beautiful shady trees protected us from the sun - what a great spot to have a picnic..


It was little bit windy for our tablecloths, but everyone enjoyed the day.

Photos courtesy of David Cann and Eric Rodda