"Kangaroo Island
Visible Solar Project

- Official Opening -

The AEVA Adelaide Branch was invited to the opening ceremony:

Monday February 10, 2014, 11am
Kangaroo Island Airport via Kingscote.

Photos by AEVA Adelaide Secretary; Eric Rodda, who attended the ceremony.


Kangaroo Island Mayor, Jayne Bates opens the ceremony which was held at the airport.

There were approximately 45 people present at the ceremony.

There are three Nissan LEAFs on Kangaroo Island, one is leased by the KI Council and the other two are leased by Budget Rent A Car as rental cars.

The red ribbon was cut at the conclusion of the ceremony.



The six ChargePoints are spread over the central/east parts of the island.

After the ceremony most of those in attendance took a short walk to view the solar arrays.

The four independent solar arrays are on the airport grounds and only a short distance from the main airport building. Peak capacity is 50kW. There is another 5kW of panels on the roof of the KI Council Chambers in Kingscote.

One of the solar arrays.

The two axis rotating/tilting tracking mechanism allows a 30% increase of power received as the arrays follow the sun.

ChargePoint bollard in the airport car rental car park.

The is the sign at the above charging point.

ChargePoint bollard with it's appropriate signage at the airport.

KI Councillor, Peter Denholm was my guide for the day. Thank you Peter.

One of the three Nissan LEAFs on the island is shown here being charged at one of the two ChargePoint bollards that are at the airport.