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Australian Electric Vehicle Association - Adelaide Branch



More videos and photos from AEVA events on the "Events" page... 


  •  NEW Radio 2UE (Sydney) - The Daily Drive - Dr Chris Jones - National Secretary of The Australian Electric Vehicle Association - chats to Nick Bennett and Sam Stove on The Daily Drive about the death of the internal combustion engine. July 27, 2017. (9mins 37secs)

  •  NEW Radio FIVEaa (Adelaide) Afternoon... Matthew Pantelis speaks with Paul Koch (Chairperson AEVA (SA)) about converting electric vehicles in South Australia. July 21, 2017.(11mins 20secs)

  • ABC Adelaide (Radio) - "Breakfast" with Spence Denny
    Spence speaks with Eric Rodda (Secretary AEVA(SA)) and others about electric vehicles in South Australia. January 18, 2017.(6mins 49secs)

  • Radio 3CR - ELECTRIC VEHICLES - The Future of Transport.
    Interviews about the future of electric transport.
    Our AEVA National Secretary, Dr Chris Jones is interviewed at around 32mins.
    - Ben Chester – Locality Planning Energy
    - Tim Harrison – Project Manager EV Infrastructure, Economic Development Queensland
    - Dr. Chris Jones – Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA)
    November 28, 2016.(58mins 30secs)

  • Radio 4EB-FM - QUT News with Keira Wallace - Keira speaks about The Greens proposal of giving incentives for electric cars. She interviews many people including our own President: Edward Booth. May 19. 2016 (3mins 52secs)

  • Radio 2SER "The Daily" - Sean Britten interviews Edward Booth (President AEVA) about electric vehicles and the use of solar panels for charging them. May 6, 2016 (7mins 44secs)

  • ABC 891 "Mornings" host Ian Henschke speaks with Simon Hackett as he takes Ian for a drive in the Tesla Model S. Ian is also talking with Glenn Butler from WHEELS Magazine. January 23, 2015  (25mins 38secs)

  • ABC 891 "AM" program with Ashley Hall. Natalie Whiting reports with Simon Hackett talking about the Telsa Model S and Dr Peter Pudney talks about the future of alternative fuels and charging electric vehicles. January 15, 2015 (3mins 22secs) Photo: Simon Hackett and his new Tesla Model S.

  • ABC 891 "Mornings" host Ian Henschke speaks with Simon Hackett about the Australian launch of the Tesla Model S. December 10, 2014  (7mins 36secs)

  • ABC 891 "Mornings" host Ian Henschke speaks with Eric Rodda about the "Electric Vehicle Open day" on Saturday December 6, 2014 at Bonython Park. Ian and Eric discuss electric vehicles and the conversion of the same. Ian is also speaking with Max Baumhefner from the US and Peter Clements - newly elected Mayor of Kangaroo Island council. December 3, 2014 (17 mins 50 secs)

  • Host Des Lawrence of the Radio Adelaide, 101.5 FM "Barometer" program, speaks with Eric Rodda about the "Electric Vehicle Open day" on Saturday December 6, 2014 at Bonython Park. Des and Eric discuss electric vehicles and the conversion of the same. November 30, 2014 1pm (12mins 55secs)

  • 891 ABC Adelaide "Evenings- Soapbox" host Peter Goers speaks with Eric Rodda about Electric Cars and about the "Amped Up" Electric Vehicle Event to be held in Gawler on Saturday 25th November. November 23, 2012 (2mins 8secs)


  • 891 ABC Adelaide (Digital) "Drive" host Michael Smyth speaks with Eric Rodda  about Electric Cars and about the "Amped Up" Electric Vehicle Event to be held in Gawler on Saturday 25th November. November 23, 2012 (4mins 14secs)


  • Radio Adelaide "Breakfast" host Angus Randall speaks with Eric Rodda  about Electric Cars and about the "Amped Up" Electric Vehicle Event to be held in Gawler on Saturday 25th November. November 22, 2012 (6mins 56secs)


  • ABC 891 "Mornings" host Ian Henschke speaks with Simon Hackett about Electric Cars just prior to Simon heading off to the US to attend the "The Future In Review" conference in California. May 10, 2012  (16mins 18secs)


  • ABC 891 "Mornings" host Ian Henschke speaks with Damir Romanik about Electric Cars. They have other guests on the show as well. Included is an on the spot interview with a reporter at the opening of the ChargePoints at Stirling's Organic Market & Cafe. April 19, 2012 (25mins 9secs)


  • US's National Public Radio has a 2-hour weekly Science news program, on Friday's: "Sci.Fri". This is the first 30 minutes of March 23rd show with the subject of Electric cars. (31mins 7 secs)


  • Radio interview - Sean Poppitt from GMH talks with Ian Henschke on ABC-891 Mornings program. The topic today is the Holden (Chevrolet) Volt - Extended range electric car. March 19, 2012 (11mins 17secs)


  • Range Anxiety and the Future of the Car Industry. ABC Radio National - Background Briefing - Jonathon Green (Reporter Stan Correy). February 28, 2012 (36 mins)


  • Radio interview -  Eric Rodda with Carole Whitelock and Peter Goers, ABC-891 November 18, 2011. This interview is about the 2011 (Adelaide Branch) AEVA Picnic & EV Display happening Saturday, November 19th, 2011. (3 mins 8 secs)


  • Radio interview - Edward Booth with Carole Whitelock, ABC-891 November 4, 2010
    This interview is about the 2010 AEVA National EV Festival happening November 5th and 6th, 2010. (9 mins 36 secs)


  • The plug in car: electric cars and the future of transport - August 13, 2010 - ABC Radio
    Richard Aedy asks the question: What part will electric cars play in Australia's transport future?
    Tune in to hear Bernie Hobbs from the New Inventors and cartoonist and car enthusiast Warren Brown in a lively debate on electric cars.
    Bernie has a brand new electric car, and Warren thinks she's crazy!
    But sustainable transport expert, and designer of the Tesla Roadster all electric sports car,
    Dr Andrew Simpson
    , says Bernie is not crazy but an enlightened car consumer who has wisely said no to more fuel bills.
    Passionate advocate for electric vehicles, Evan Thornley, agrees. He heads one of a number of companies developing technology that will form a national charging network to power what he believes is an imminent electric revolution.
    The forum was held as part of the Australian Science Festival with the assistance of the ACT Electric Vehicle Council.

    Part One ... (55mins)

    Part Two... (Question Time) (16mins)


  • Radio interview with Simon Hackett and Carole Whitelock, ABC-891 April 15, 2010
    This interview is a response to the interview of the previous week with Clive Matthew-Wilson and contains flashback sections of this interview. (20 mins 32 secs)


  • - EVCast #262 - Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield(UK) talking to Bruce White (Australia). August 15, 2009 (1 Hour 9 mins).


  • ABC 891 Grant Cameron talking about electric cars. An interview with Dr Peter Pudney from UniSA talking about TREV ( and also talking with Eric Rodda (AEVA Adelaide) about electric car conversions and the Science Alive! expo exhibits on August 7,8&9. - July 29, 2009 (15mins 6 scs)


  • ABC National - Rear Vision - Back to the Future with Electric Cars - April 8, 2009 (30mins)


  • Radio interview with Dickson Beattie and Carole Whitelock, ABC-891 August 7, 2008
    This interview was on the day after the inaugural meeting of the Adelaide branch of
    the Australian Electric Vehicle Association. (3 mins 45 secs)


  • Radio interview with Edward Booth and Carole Whitelock, ABC-891 July 31, 2008
    This is a section of the interview with both Rod Muller and Edward Booth of Goolwa SA.
    (5 mins 1 secs)


  • Dickson Beattie's live interview with reporter Tim Noonan on ABC-891 Matthew and David's Morning Program. June 2008 (7 mins 18 secs)



 NEW  ABCTV Perth - Australia Wide - RAC Electric Highway. Roxanne Taylor reports.
(6mins 22secs)

ABC "The Checkout" program (episode 3, April 4, 2013) compares the carbon footprint of EVs and petrol cars... (EV Segment only) Note: The blue I-MiEV featured belongs to Sydney member Karl G. (5mins 43secs)

TREV on Fully Charged - Robert Llewellyn takes the UNI SA EV "TREV" for a drive...
(12mins 33secs)

ABC Catalyst - Electric Cars - Derek Muller, Simon Pampena and Anja Taylor take the
REV Project cars: a Ford Focus and a Lotus Elise for a drive out of Perth.
The project was run by Prof Thomas Braunl from the University of Western Australia.
Thursday, February 7, 2013 (6mins 57secs)

AEVA EV Festival Convention, Brisbane, Queensland - October 28, 2011

AEVA EV Festival EXPO, Brisbane, Queensland - October 29, 2011

Wrightspeed: Watch the X1 blow past a Tesla and an interview with Ian Wright


Nissan LEAF - Gas Powered Everything
Checkout how it could be...

Leading The Charge

Want to know what it's really like to drive an electric car? Media personalities Jane Doyle and Keith Conlon took RAA's electric vehicle for a weekend test-drive. Watch the videos and read about their thrills ... Go to RAA website.

Electric Cars Finally Going Mainstream ?
Ben Tracy from CBS interviews and drives with Chris Paine, maker of the new film "Revenge of the Electric Car".
                                                                                       CBS Early Show - 20th June 2011

Shai Agassi of BetterPlace at his visitor centre in Tel Aviv.
Israeli entrepreneur Shai Agassi thinks he can turn the dream of mass-selling electric cars into reality… and he believes it’s all going to happen in the space of a few years.

Video journalist David Brill visits the heart of his Better Place company in Tel Aviv, where visitors are queuing up to try out the cars.                                        SBS Dateline 5th June 2011

Video of an EV1 on it's last ride.

Born Again Batteries: Solving The Shortcomings Of Batteries - ABC Catalyst - 12th August 2010

Tanya Ha from ABC Catalyst speaks with Dr Tony Pandolfo from the CSIRO about Super Capacitors.

Charging EVs in Sydney Streets - ABC News, 25th May 2010.

GoGet in conjunction with ChargePoint install the first on street charging point in Sydney Australia.

GoGet is excited to announce the launch of Australia's first on-street electric car re-charging station. In partnership with the City of Sydney and ChargePoint Australia GoGet members can now access a Plugin Hybrid Prius from a special bay at the Glebe, Derwent Place pod.

Future Car - ABC Catalyst  - 25th March 2010

Dr Jonica Newby talks with MIT's Ryan Chin about the world's first fold-up electric car.
(See electric bike at 4mins 32sec)

Michelin Hy-Light Active Wheel Motor EV concept Car.

30+ Teslas spotted in Basel - Switzerland. Pick your colour!

YiKeBike - Folding Electric Bike from New Zealand -

Leo Motors, Korea

...are producing all types of EV's and plug-in hybrids, from electric bikes to buses. They are also converting mid sized cars.
It appears as if they are manufacturing most of the components as well. If you play this video from YouTube (click "YouTube" bottom right), there is more info available.

Are We Prepared For Electric Cars?

ABC Stateline (WA) - March 5, 2010

Within the next decade a fifth of all cars on the road are likely to be electric, but will Western Australia's electricity grid be prepared for the extra strain?

The Electric Horizon -  2009 Alfred Deakin Eco-Innovation Lecture at Federation Square Melbourne, Australia. Event Date: July 22, 2009 - Guest Speaker: Shai Agassi
Shai Agassi is the founder and chief executive of Better Place, the leading electric vehicle services provider. He is focused on one of this century's biggest challenges, moving the world from oil-based to sustainable transportation. Agassi works with government leaders, auto manufacturers, energy companies and others to make his vision "zero-emission vehicles powered by electricity from renewable sources" a reality in countries around the globe.

Tesla in Adelaide - Simon Hackett with Peter Sellen of Channel Ten News -  April 8, 2009

iMiev Approved for Australian Roads - Emily Rice, Channel Ten News -  April 8, 2009

Jack Rickard's Series of YouTube Videos- Excellent instructional videos - Jack goes into great detail of the Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. As at May 21, 2009 there are 10 videos.
Many more video available direct from Jack's website -

EV Juice Bar - How many EV's can you fit into one persons place? Not only that - count the Teslas!
                     You will be able to work out where this is by the accents.

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