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Australian Electric Vehicle Association - Adelaide Branch


For meeting times and locations please go to the Meetings page

Chairman: Paul Koch  - email  *

Vice Chairman: Sally Knight  - email  *

Secretary & Webmaster
& National Membership Secretary:-

Eric Rodda - email  **

Treasurer: Denis Wooldridge - email

Committee Member & Technical Liaison Officer:- Bob Gell - email

Committee Member & Librarian:
Chris Hickey - email

Committee Member & Guest Speaker Coordinator:- Bruce Tonkin - email

Committee Member:- Edward Booth  - email  *

Committee Member: Terry Stocker - email

* National Councillors
** Alternate National Councillor

Postal address for the AEVA (Adelaide) branch:-

PO BOX 434
South Australia


A poem from one of our members...

Thanks to technology arriving
Pertaining to our future driving
No more roar when foot hits the floor
Only the sound of Nature surviving
Will we miss being thrilled to the core
When pushing our foot to the floor
Will we lose that love for our toys
When there's no responsive noise
Or will we appreciate the solution
That means we're making  no pollution

Darrell Mulberry 2017



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